Detective Conan on CUUSOO

Detective Conan would make for a great Lego playset. You can help achieving this:



Next, I’d like to enhance hair and faces.

A great palette of hairs can be extracted from the Minifigure Collector Series. See the post Minifigure Collector Series to see great alternatives for hair pieces.

Then custom faces were great but on the other hand are not that popular concerning CUUSOO review. I’ll look for better faces anyway.

The image above is a LDD screenshot with title, wall and an ad hoc shadow. A LDD2Pov render image is a lot better and is in production.


I just found out that one can replace decals with custom images. Although not visible Shinichi has a custom PNG as face. The next step is producing manga minifig faces.

I rendered Mori’s Detective Agency with LDD2Pov and made that the central point of the project:

Mori Detective Agency