Planet of the Apes on CUUSOO

Planet of the Apes is a classic movie as well as television series and also the name of the reboot film.

Here is the inspiration for making a Lego Planet of the Apes set:
70008 Gorzan’s Gorilla Striker and 70110 Tower Target.
Thse are Lego Chima sets to be released in Summer 2013.
The gorilla minifigures are nice and are the model for the Planet of the Apes characters. I’ve extracted some screenshots out of Youtube set reviews:


Here is a good page to extract paintings for gorilla, chimp and orangutan minifigs: Non-Lego PotA toys


In the minifigure series there are two other parts are of importance:

chimp Gorrila

This could be the little Caesar (classic movie 3), and that may be the big gorilla from „Prevolution“ (although big doesn’t really fit).